For those less interested in big crowds and more interested in finding the best wine bar and best beer bar in Tampa, Naples and Winter Park, welcome to Taps Bar & Lounge. Unlike most of our competitors, we aim to be a more upscale bar that caters to customers who appreciate quality, service, and selection. Come relax with a draft in our outdoor seating area, chat with our friendly staff at the bar, or enjoy an intimate conversation and a glass of wine in our lounge. On weekends, you can also catch the cool sounds of live, local music.

There's something for every beer lover at Taps. Imports, craft beers and micro-brews. Ales, lagers, stouts, and ciders. With over 25 beer brands on tap and 350 in bottles, there’s always something new to discover at Taps. The adventurous can tackle our Beer Club Challenge. Successfully try 200 specific beers from our lineup and we'll reward you with fame and free beer.

If you live in Winter Park, Naples or Tampa, and you're looking for outstanding wine by the glass or by the bottle, Taps Bar & Lounge is your perfect choice as well. California whites, French reds, German blushes and everything in between are represented in our collection of 100 varieties of great domestic and international wines. Plus, our fully stocked bar features top liquor brands, along with an irresistible specialty drink menu.

But a visit to Taps Bar & Lounge isn't complete without indulging in our exceptional food. Our lunch and dinner menus can best be described as American Tapas, featuring appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and desserts. Our selections include global and regional classics as well as signature chef-inspired creations.